Tuesday, October 05, 2010

So busy! We closed the pool on Saturday - it was long overdue since we had not been in it in a month. It was still crystal clear, though, and it is always bittersweet. But we had lots of help this year - before Bob's surgeries we did it with just the two of us and it was a nightmare. Then last year we hired a pool company, which was a breeze, although expensive. So this year, with a big crew, it was fun! We had a big dinner afterwards, that was our thank you. Maybe it will become an annual event, although I'd like it to be in September.

Yesterday, this struck me as mean-spirited (not the post as much as the comments, which are awful) and this struck me as creepy - downright "stalkerish" (the post itself, there were few comments). But seeing the recent comments and resulting explanation on the second linked post have somewhat rectified my concern.

Will write more about other stuff soon! Have to get my mind around all that is swirling in the professional arena.

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