Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Between my two major obligations (teaching/advising and consulting) ~ all of which are really revved up right now, I have zero time for writing (or drawing) anything significant here. Today there are several things I should be doing, but I promised myself that I would be able to spend some time today releasing pent-up posts, so here goes!

On the fun side, we went to Goold's apple festival on Sunday. It was great, as it was last year, but the weather was better this year, since it wasn't windy. We had a freeze warning on Saturday night, so I covered a few plants, brought some basil inside, and harvested the remaining basil, also the tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. It didn't freeze, though. I covered them again last night, but I think once again, it wasn't a killing frost. I still have to freeze the basil and beans I picked. Something I might have snuck in today, if I didn't want to release these pent-up posts.

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