Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We are finishing up philosophy of education in one section of my class, and in the day class yesterday we talked a bit about why students in the evening hybrid version is not loving the experience. One student knows someone who is in the hybrid class, and several others chimed in as well. They believe that students prefer structure, that they learn better when hearing material in person, and also that online delivery may give students the feeling that they are not getting feedback. I responded that it is interesting because many students will profess a preference for "freedom" over "structure," that they almost always say they find lecture boring, and that I give the same amount of feedback to online, hybrid and on campus students. But perception is everything, I guess.

This is unrelated, but recently I have been doing some reflecting on my own struggles with an inferiority complex. I can't say that it is an overwhelming burden or anything, but consistently in my professional life especially, I have trouble in this area. I marvel at others who do not have this problem. Or at least they do not seem to have this problem, it may be that they do, but they hide it. What does it take, I wonder, for someone to overcome this? Or is it futile, because they never had the problem in the first place?

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