Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last night, my hybrid class met and did I get an earful! This is what I took away from their comments:

• Can’t open long PDF files
• Can’t always log into chatrooms
• Shorten discussion titles
• Move most current Learning Module up on homepage
• Send email reminder to regular accounts of discussion deadlines during online weeks (3 days before deadline)
• Continue to post checklist of what’s expected during blackboard classes
• Uneasy feeling that not enough is being done during online weeks
• Uncertainty about whether expectations are being met during online weeks
• Confusion about deadlines and reasons for them
• Concern about missing assignments
• Skepticism about effectiveness of hybrid model

I told them that we will give it a go for another week - and at the next face-to-face session (3/11), we'll talk about whether they want to "bail" and go back to a traditional format.

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