Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A marathon weekend spent painting the livingroom. The bottom half will be dark green, the top half will be tan, and as a chair rail we have ordered a wide border that should be in next week. The trim (there's a lot, five windows and two doors, as well as a wide baseboard and ceiling molding) and ceiling will be bright white. It hasn't been done in about 15 years so it was way past due. It is a big job, since the house is small and as a result furniture has to be shifted here and there within the room. The disruption is hard on the animals. Only Edna stays away. The "boys" are a handful at all times, and with open paint cans everywhere there are moments when I am sure we will have a river of dark green all over the floor. One chair or the couch has to be kept accessible for Sophie or she gets restless. I think we will finish with a couple more nights of work.

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