Monday, January 26, 2004

Well, this is going to be a very busy semester, but I think it will be less hectic once the details are ironed out. On the first day of classes, the online registration system crashed -- meaning not only could students not register, there were no class rosters either. That might not have been so bad if my classes had space available -- but as far as I know they are all closed and there were about a dozen desperate students at each, asking to get in. Now, since I have taken on a lot this semester, I really cannot go any bigger than they are already, there just is no time -- and I don't care for huge classes anyway, but I don't like turning students away either. However, without access to the system, there was no easy way to tell who is in the class, who has dropped, who hasn't shown up, whether the room is big enough or needs to be changed. So that was a nightmare!

On a very good note, all the students who I supervise are top notch, very impressive, and that takes a huge burden from me.

On another subject, some time ago we got a DVD player - we both like technology but in the entertainment arena it usually takes us a while to jump on the bandwagon. Bob finally hooked it up several weeks ago (this involved completely reworking the entertainment center, it was quite a job and a tangle of wires). Then we joined netflix, which is a wonderful service! No more video stores, and more important, no more late fees. So far, we have rented Chicago, Gangs of New York, Terminator 3, A Mighty Wind, Bend it Like Beckham, Real Women Have Curves, and Living Outloud. Turns out we had already seen Living Outloud, and just didn't remember - which says it all. It was OK, but not all that memorable. All the movies we chose so far were enjoyable, but my very favorites were Bend it Like Beckham and Chicago, with A Mighty Wind and Real Women Have Curves running a close second.

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