Monday, February 02, 2004

I am caught up for the moment!

Except for a couple of (very) minor details, the education book is a wrap today. The classes are going OK - I think I will wind up being on campus three days per week, and at home two. And I think every so often, I might be able to do my old schedule of two days on campus, three days at home. It is interesting to see how big classes run - the last time I was in a lecture center was when I was a freshman in college. Even then, I only had two classes that size: biology 100, and an intro. history class. I hated both.

These education classes aren't in the biggest of the big rooms - I think the assiged LC holds 120, and there are about 70 students enrolled. But that is twice as big as my usual class when at its peak size (most semesters I have had about 30). I want it to be a good experience, and I'm hoping that is possible in a class that size.

I'm wondering, what do I do with a caught-up afternoon? Wash dishes? Read the Sandra Dallas book I have chosen as next in line? Watch a DVD (we have now seen Nicholas Nickleby [which was great!] and Sweet Home Alabama [which was awful!]). I think "write a query letter" is the winner. I have a wonderful idea. Stay tuned.

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