Thursday, May 08, 2003

Rudy seems a little better.

Most nights I read for a little while before going to sleep. I am still reading A War to Petrify the Heart, and have finished several other books while working on it. It is fascinating, but not an easy read. I am up to October 1864, about 75 pages left. In one letter he (the soldier) wrote to his future wife, he tells her:

I do believe in view of such task [she was spending time with her young nieces] and a review of old school days you begin to feel old, a natural recurrence to anybody. But don't borrow trouble or think no one else has nothing to look after or think about, for everyone has his or her burden to carry through this world - it may be real or imaginary. A cheerful disposition to throw off fancied ill and not make much trouble when it comes in reality, is everybody's duty to do, if we should enjoy life as [it] is meant for us to do. Hasn't every picture a bright side? Should we continually be looking at the dark side? These "some things which you wish I could know" and which are making you old, if not important to write about, why think about it? Why let every would-be pleasant hour be blasted by the thought so unpleasant. Am I right or am I mistaken. It is the principle I go upon.

I say he was right.

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