Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I haven't been able to write (time, technical problems, and other priorities). Rudy is still sick, he had to be seen by the vet again on Monday. He continues to eat, drink, eliminate, watch, play, bark, sleep, and be mischievous as always, but the blood in his urine remains. He has had two thorough exams, urinalysis, a blood test, and x-ray. So far, the results only show that he is in outstanding shape for a seven year old dog, and that he has UTI. So he is on a second course of antibiotics. Friday a specialist is going to look at the x-ray to see if it could be a problem with his prostate, although he has no other symptoms. Well, I figure the other Rudy had prostate problems, so maybe this Rudy does too. Anyway, it is a relief that it probably is not too serious, but the blood still preoccupies us both, although the vet said it is not an emergency situation and Rudy seems fine. But we can't bear to have anything at all wrong with the animals, especially Rudy, who has always been the picture of good health and good nature.

Then, I am in the midst of the end-of-semester crush, and I still have to resolve what to do about the potential cheating I detected.

Tuesday Too, late again

1.) Are you trying out, or do you know anything about these new blogger [thingies]?

This link was how I learned about the new "thingies" (after reading the FAQ I have no more precise word either). You know for years, I was considered something of a techie - not a super techie, but at least an early adopter, and technically literate. By having a website and writing this journal, I continue to be considered kind of cutting-edge by people who don't keep online content. But here in the land of blogs (yes, a word I still hate) I don't know nuthin'! I just haven't spent the time to learn more than necessary I guess, and at the moment it isn't in the plan. *But if this means improvements in Blogger's stability and speed, that's great.

2.) Have you tried other weblog systems that you would suggest that blogger folks switch to?

No, only Blogger since March 2002. Not that the thought hasn't crossed my mind. Blogger wouldn't let me log in on Monday and Tuesday of this week. And right now I think I have to do that tiresome no archive/republishing thing. Again. But the one or two times I investigated switching, it seemed the learning curve might involve investing too much time to bother. So see * in #1.

3.) Lately it's been reported there is so much spam filling the inboxs that people are going to stop using email. On average how much junk email do you get every day? Is it so much that you would consider giving up email? You could make up a funny sentence or two just using the email subject lines, if you're really feeling creative today.

Ugh, I hate spam. I get so much, and the amount has grown a lot over time, especially recently. I have five email accounts. My main AOL account gets the most junk mail, yesterday I got 13 junk messages. I have been ignoring/deleting it unopened for ages, and reporting/banning it for several months, but I don't see that doing this cuts down on the amount, which is frustrating. My two secondary AOL accounts get some, not nearly as much. The ones that come into AOL are: Viagra, Porn websites, Mortgage offers, Online drug offers, Incomprehensible "feedback forms" (less of these lately, they were the majority in the past), Various financial schemes, Some product offers, Scams of ebay or paypal, trying to collect passwords or credit card information, and Body part enhancement. Lots with strange letter combinations in the subject line.

My regular university Outlook account gets some, and what it gets is the worst type - the lengthy pleas for money (that are not always obvious from the subject) and generic ones with scary attachments. My learning network Lotus Notes account gets no spam (although once a few years ago a virus came via this account). Although it is very irritating, I will not abandon email over spam, because it is my preferred mode of communication.

I get paper junk mail also, which immediately gets tossed in my paper recycling bin. Spam wastes time and jams up the Internet, junk mail wastes time and natural resources. So I really hope the no spam legislation passes!!! It worked wonders for telemarketing phone calls here in New York. Let your representatives know you support this. I have been on the do not call list for a couple of years and I rarely receive such phone calls any more, when the phone used to ring off the hook with automated dialers and sales pitches waiting on the other end. Here is a link to help in getting rid of spam, junk mail and telemarketers.

Here are the subject lines of the spam I have received so far today:

As Seen On TV Miracle Youth Pill QfXeOL2t

Do You Need Extra Cash? Get It Now! tgbrcyic

~Mortgage Lenders Fight For your Business...ANZXG

kjim,A Chance for Financial Freedom

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hey hun

icd,Hi, Grand Opening - Save 10% on all Products

Email Confirmation [krz}hugrCdro1frp11111]

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