Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Evaluating the groups takes a lot of time. I am chipping away, getting there. I have to be done by Friday, and this semester, I am not going to miss the deadline, or make myself sick.

We both had discussions with the vet, and determined that Rudy's infection will come back once he is finished with the antibiotics. Also, the opinion is that it is indeed his prostate, even though there remains a slight chance that it could be something more serious. So, we made an appointment to have him neutered on May 19. I'm relieved that he won't have to stay overnight. Rudy is still himself, very mischievous, dashing around the house with slippers, laundry, things he snatched from the table, the trash or my pocketbook, daring us to chase him, playing with his toys, wrestling with Sophie, sniffing Edna, wooo-ing at the mail carrier, in every way a seven-year-old puppy. Although the procedure must be done soon, it isn't an emergency, so it was good it could wait until the grades are in. I will be a nervous wreck all day and I know I couldn't focus on spreadsheet analysis. So please have a good thought for my "Mr. Wuja" on Monday.

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