Friday, June 05, 2015

This will be my last post on this subject! Once again, on the news...a story that made me incredulous. Again, there seems to be an increase in the number of stupid stories so maybe this is not an outlier, but the story asserted that there is a political left / right divide in the reaction to the Caitlyn Jenner and Duggar family stories. The only reason I'd heard of the Duggars was that something about them has appeared in my Facebook feed a couple of times in the past week. I didn't read the posted links, but was vaguely aware they have a reality show. So I didn't know the recent attention has to do with incest of abuse until I heard the news story. If there is a left / right divide on this, it hasn't been demonstrated in the posts of Facebook friends. My news feed has remarkably little on either story. But the MSM is obsessed. A left / right divide on two tabloid / reality television stories? What is this world coming to? The takeaway message for me: Stop watching the news. This scene from Billy Madison seems an appropriate message to the media.

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