Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Sometimes it just feels like a home run.

Not that it's any sort of real victory, of course. The building sits vacant, sad, abandoned. We all miss Stewart's. And Main Street generally? The long winter has erased any optimism I might have had about the results of all our efforts.


Janette Kahil said...

It must be difficult looking at an empty building that once was a beacon in your neighborhood. I always wonder when I see vacant stores and homes. Like, "who owned it" and "who were the people that came and went each day". I hate to see defunct businesses. Someone's livelihood and dream, all gone.

howzerdo said...

Bob said as we approached the village last night, "sometimes when I'm driving up and see the lights I almost expect to see it still open." I wonder how long before they turn off the lights. They sort of plowed the lot this winter, but only barely, it is a mess of ice. Once after a big storm when they didn't plow, someone shoveled a path from 9J to the door. Before we had snow, I was surprised that no-one parked there, since Main Street parking is a premium. It has a big for sale sign on it now. (Dream on, Stewart's.)