Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Since I've had two weeks of classes at this point, I written some feedback on the publishing tool / process I used (called Create) to make the required book.

1. Electronic version:

  • I never received anything from the publisher, for either my Philosophy of Ed reader or Foundations reader, aside from a password-protected PDF "proof." I would have liked to have an electronic desk copy I could have tried on my droid
  • The PDF does not allow me to copy/paste or print. I'd like to be able to do this when I am creating course materials, rather than having to type text myself, or scan/photocopy from the print book.
  • The format of the ebook is for apple or android only. So while a Kindle fire works, a plain Kindle or Nook do not. Many students (& I) use plain Kindle (or Nook) -- it is hands-down the most popular & best ereader since it is not backlit.
2. Design:
  • The print book for Foundations is large & cumbersome. I prefer a smaller size for thick books.
  • The Table of Contents lists the readings as Chapter 1, 2, 3 etc. I would much prefer it if it kept the format of the original book.
  • I'd also like an identifying divider page between the two books.
3. Cost etc.:
  • The ereader from the publisher is a good value, but the print version from the bookstore is not.
  • I am not sure that it is worthwhile for me to spend the time making a Create book, given the fact that the electronic version is not available for a kindle, and the print version is large & cumbersome, when I can direct students to purchase two off-the-shelf books instead, i.e., the full taking sides & studying education books from amazon in paper or kindle format, or as electronic apple/android versions from the publisher. 
  • If I didn't feel bad about students spending $81 on the book (and the bookstore has a nasty returns policy), I would probably not use it again this spring. This assumes the bookstore gives them anything for it in buyback, but I have my doubts. As it is, I don't believe I will bother making updates so I can use it again in '14-'15.

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