Sunday, June 23, 2013

It seems I continued my non-posting. It's hotter than h-ll tonight, and as a result, my sleep expectations are low. And so, I write. Bob managed to put an A/C in the kitchen today, otherwise it would be more beastly than it is. It really isn't a good idea for him to do this, as it pushed his lifting restrictions and heaven knows he doesn't need any more problems that lead to yet another surgery.

He's been helping Sam too, also pushing the lifting restrictions -- although luckily Sam is still pretty agile. Sam has cancer, his prognosis isn't good, and the last three weeks have been a worry-filled blur punctuated by four vet visits. But tonight I am happy because I got Sam to eat.

I finished all my planting. We had too much rain and the nights were cold, not good for tomato plants and seed sprouting. Then we plunged into a heat wave, which is where we are now. My remaining gardening task is fencing and mulching, which I have to get done before the critters discover the seedlings.

Classes are going well. I have more to write on so many subjects but I will leave it for some other day, perhaps even tomorrow.

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