Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This was taken at the parade in West Shokan. I couldn't be there this year :-(, but here is a link to Christmas Paper, a somewhat related story I wrote that appeared in the Daily Freeman four years ago.

Sophie loves her new dog LL Bean dog bed!

I just bought a third dog bed in a week. Problem: the hotdog is having a hard time jumping on the couch. She's 11, getting old for a Basset. I have to lift her, and she's heavy and not all that cooperative. All our current dog beds are cheap, worn out, and/or too small. She hated the first one that I bought online (not from LL Bean, rather from a company that I often use to buy pet supplies, but her hatred has nothing to do with the quality, and it isn't the company's fault (plus they are taking it back), so I will leave them out of it), and there was lots of drama. Second one was bought impulsively at the LL Bean store, and she loves it.

But more drama followed; Sam also wants it, so Sophie hides under bed. Ergo, identical LL Bean bed was ordered online and it came today. Make that nearly identical, luckily they don't seem to mind that they are different colors. (Sam's is green.)

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