Thursday, February 15, 2007

After a (mostly) snowless winter, yesterday we started to wonder when it would stop. I don't know how much is out there, but it is a lot. Maybe two feet? Classes were suspended on Wednesday, and resumed today at 11:45. Since Winter Break is next week, and Thursday is the new Friday, my classes would have been half empty anyway, so I had no idea how many students would show up today. Ten were missing from my afternoon class. Wonder what will happen in the evening class? The parking lots are still a nightmare, but at least they have plowed one small path between most buildings.

At 7:30 pm last night, some guy from the firehouse (where he was probably enjoying 10 cent beer night) went out of control in front of our house and smashed into our car! Bob was out there shoveling, and it was a good thing he wasn't standing right there when it happened. The damage isn't extreme (broken right tail light, bent bumper, scratches and small dent over the rear wheel) but still, we are sick over it. That car was mint. I'm hoping the guy's insurance company doesn't give us a hard time since the car is old. We don't want a car payment on a new Prius! The guy's truck is probably totaled, very badly damaged, he could barely drive it away. The Lincoln is like a tank. It is probably fortunate it was in the way, because otherwise he may have hit the house, or gone through the flower bed and fence, over the retaining wall, and down the hill!

I think the pop quiz thing is working! Discussion is going well.

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