Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yesterday, we went to the governor's inaugeration concert at the Times Union Center. Performers included Natalie Merchant, Ben Vereen, James Taylor, and Jimmy Fallon was the MC. The arena was only about 2/3 full which was a shame. All the media was saying that it was a "free concert" and technically that was true, but the average person couldn't get tickets. Bob tried in early December and the website wasn't working right. You had to be connected to an organization like the legislature or a labor union or something to get a ticket. Which was too bad, because I'm sure there were ordinary people who would have loved to go if they could have. Probably a lot of people who got tickets through their jobs blew off going once the day arrived because they didn't feel like it or were hung over from New Year's Eve or something. My nephew had 7 tickets and he only used 4.

It was great, overlooking the political BS. I mean I like Spitzer and everything, and I'm glad he is governor, but I can do without all the insulting and unrealistic hoopla of the speeches about him being the savior of our crappy state! Give me a break! Also, Jimmy Fallon seemed totally unprepared at times - I'm not sure if he didn't prepare enough jokes or what but it was almost embarrassing. One group was late coming out to the stage and Jimmy Fallon had a hard time filling up the few minutes while we were waiting! Now what MC wouldn't prepare some material in case that happened? Or be able to come up with something off the top of their head? Ben Vereen and James Taylor were both great. Natalie Merchant is my favorite of all the performers, but it was really obvious that she is totally ignorant. At one point between songs, she was making some compliment about Spitzer's election and she said something about the next 6 years. She didn't know that the governor's terms is 4 years! Wow, and they think we should listen to celebrities about political stuff, eh?

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