Friday, January 19, 2007

Classes started yesterday. I was feeling very "blah," mostly because I was tired. My owl tendencies resurface when I don't have to go to campus for a long stretch, and I find myself staying up way too late, reading. So I'll have to stop now that I'm back on a schedule.

To combat the "blah," I wore a suit yesterday. That is something I have not done since my days in administration. It didn't do much to perk me up, but I think it got students' attention. The two classes I had seemed OK, hard to tell this early.

For the evening class, there was a typo on the schedule. It said "ED" instead of "ES," meaning that the class was in Earth Science, when I thought it was in Education (my building). So I was about 15 minutes late! Once I figured out the mistake, I thought Earth Science was only two buildings away, but when I turned out to by Physics. Turns out that Earth Science is across campus. I didn't take my coat, so I had to use the tunnels to get there, something I usually avoid. Hopefully my blah + suit + lateness won't cause the students to drop!

We got a little snow today. This usually wouldn't be worth mentioning, but it has been a snowless winter. As always, it reminded me of Rudy. I imagined him dashing outside to roll in it. I have been thinking a melancholy thought: that the lack of snow this winter and last is because he isn't here to enjoy it.

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