Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Registrar moved two of my classes, and I was able to secure technology for the other one - so I am finally all set. All the rooms are far from my office, but that is OK. I could use the exercise. My online class is too big this semester, though. Last semester I had only 14 students. This semester I have 30 and students are still asking to get in. I've never seen so much late registration generally and late applications to the graduate program (yes, another of my duties). Anyway, it is always hard to predict enrollment in the online class because of the large number of students who panic and drop in the beginning. I will manage, but small groups will wind up being a misnomer. My Thursday night class is the same size as the online one, which is OK. The other two classes are smaller, 20 and 26 students, respectively.

Last night, after my evening class, as I was packing it in, a student comes up, introduces herself, firmly shakes my hand, and then procedes to say that the material is challenging, her day is long, she had trouble at the end paying attention, and could I please break it up? I wasn't offended or anything, but I'm not sure if it was what she said or the straightforward way she said it that surprised me. I always give a break during the class, but last night, since we switched rooms, which involved walking across campus and took up a lot of time, I didn't bother. I let them out a little early instead. The class was no longer than usual, it just started later and ended earlier. Another complication was that when I got to my originally assigned room, all the students were waiting outside. The door was shut, the instructor and all the students from the earlier class were still inside. They were watching a movie. It was "Shane;" I heard the little boy yelling it at the end. The class should have been over at 4:05, and it was 4:20. My class should have started at 4:15, and it was at least 4:25 before that class ended! What is it this semester? I'm glad to have changed rooms, hopefully it won't happen in my new location.

I got a thrill yesterday. My quote is on the back cover of this book. I was a reviewer, and I did like the title a lot.

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