Friday, October 13, 2006

Busy week of evaluating essays. I have them all done except for the online class. The website is down today because of the snowstorm and power outages in Buffalo! I also had to write the midterm for my Thursday class.

This will be a working weekend - I have a book review due on the 20th, and naturally, I haven't even opened the box with the manuscript yet.

On the 21st, I have to give a presentation on one room schools. That is mostly ready, but I will have to spend a bit of time between now and then on the details.


Sya said...

A snowstorm already! Somehow, I feel October is a little too early for that. All I've gotten so far is frost on the windshields.

howzerdo said...

Luckily, that storm was ~4-5 hours west of me. Here, we're in peak leaf changing weather, and also haven't even had a "killing" frost yet, though it got pretty close last night.