Thursday, April 21, 2005

Killing time on campus before going to see this play, so I
thought I would try a Thursday Threesome again.

Domain Name Renewal

Onesome: Domain--Hypothetically, if you could own any domain name you
wanted, what would it be and why?

Gully Brook Press. It isn't hypothetical, I already own it. (I think.)

Twosome: Name-- Are you called by something other than your legal name? If
not, have you ever had a nickname? Or done something weird with your name,
to try and stand out? Like an odd spelling or a slightly different
pronunciation? Or just flat out wanted to change your name? To what?

Gina is my full name, and that's what I am called by most people (although a
lot of students call me Dr. or Professor or rarely, Ms.; most amusing to me
is when they call me Mrs. since I don't use Bob's last name. I cannot
remember the last time it was Miss. Hmmm. Must be that growing sprinkle of
grey in my hair.) I've always been happy with the name, because it is simple but
not plain, it was even more uncommon when I was in school, and because of
the alliteration with my last name. Occasionally I am called just "G" and
that is how I sign email and notes. As a kid, I acquired the nick name "Fer,"
short for "Ferry" and sometimes, family members still call me that.

Threesome: Renewal--Do you have any magazine or other subscription that is
an absolute 'must renew' whenever you get the notice?

Yes: American Heritage, Organic Gardening, The
Chronicle of Higher Education
, Preservation, and Kaatskill
. The Times Union renews automatically, or I would include
that one too.

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