Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm working on taxes today -- and I'm happy to say, I am almost done. It may seem last minute, but not for me!

I am also dealing with yet another plagiarism case. This one is more run of the mill than last semester's problem, but the student has contacted the Dean's office for both the School of Education, and the School of Business (that is her major). I'm not sure why students do stupid things like that, when involving the chain of command usually results in more penalties for students than if they left it alone at the instructor's level. I am going to fail her, but I have been undecided about reporting her to the university, because although it is a serious case (much of the essay is copied verbatim from the Internet without attribution), it isn't quite as egregious as many of the cases I've found in the past.

Now I have been asked to notify the Undergraduate Dean, and although this isn't quite as severe as referring the case to Judicial Affairs, she will now have a record of her infraction at university level. That probably isn't a bad idea.

This has happened with enough frequency that now I am hardly upset any longer when I discover cheating. Sad.

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