Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Tuesday Too

1.) When was the last time you really had fun? What were you doing? Are you someone who can have fun alone?

I'm having a hard time answering the first question. My initial reaction is that I have fun a lot, but when pressed to select the last time I am drawing a blank! Some possibilities: on Sunday we worked out in the yard, putting dead plants in the composter. The air was clean and crisp, and it was fun. Friday night I went to the movies with Bob & nephew Tom; we saw "Punch Drunk Love." The movie was very good, not at all a comedy; going to the movies is usually fun. Saturday we took the dogs for a long walk around the village; that was fun. Sunday night I read a book, Henry and Clara, until the wee hours; that was fun. Yes, of course, I can have fun alone, and often do.

2.) Are you going to vote today, and do you know the major differences between the candidates? Does the balance in the senate and the house figure into your choice?

I always vote, and I certainly will today. I am reasonably well-informed, and I know the differences between most of the candidates, I think; of course, many have tried to do their best to package their image to such a degree that it can be hard to tell what, if anything, they represent. No, the balance of Congress does not figure into my choices; it never does. In the first place, I always vote for individuals, not parties. I also think third parties are perfectly OK, and I believe the only throw-away vote is not voting at all. Second, in New York we are not having a Senate contest, and in the House race, my representative is a long-time incumbent, and the race is not considered competitive.

3.) Is there something extraordinary going on that you've failed to notice?

Hmm! Well, this is a strange question. I think "I don't know" is the only possible choice here. How can the answer be yes or no? Because a yes answer means you have noticed - and a no answer means you haven't...?

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