Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Tuesday Too (on Wednesday)

1.) Is there something you find fascinating/interesting that you'd like to share (oh so 70's)?

Fascinating? Interesting? How about outrageous? Don't shop at Target. See this post and this one, below. Everytime I hear their annoying commercial play on the television, I get mad all over again. A bunch of plastic crap that will eventually wind up in a landfill (and sooner rather than later). Makes me want to puke.

2.) What's your latest accomplishment/achievement? I know, I know you got up this morning, but what else?

I am so busy keeping up with my classes and student advisement that I can't get to this 'til Wednesday. Hmmm...I have been making tiny, but incremental progress on an article idea I developed a while ago.

3.) What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

How about: I'll least two? more books published, and they will not be about educational issues. I'll have least a few more articles and essays published also. I'll still be teaching, but I'll be writing much more, teaching a bit less.

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