Monday, August 19, 2013

My summer grades are done! Yay! Now I have to get ready for the Fall semester. Where did the summer go?

Aside from my forgetting to turn on audio recording until minute 4:45 (duh), I was pleasantly surprised by how well the capture worked with the widescreen video cam at the last FTF class. Admittedly, the audio is a little difficult to decipher at times, but overall it is OK. The best part was that the video was available by the next afternoon!! This was important because three students had to leave class before the presentations were over. One student had informed me of his need to leave early before he registered, and two students had to leave because the presentation of the third team to ran twice as long as they were allocated (and I hate yanking students off the stage, even though I had a fantasy of the Gong Show). I figured, it’s summer, I didn’t require much seat time all semester, no biggie. But apparently some folks have other commitments. Go figure! Anyway, it was not an issue because the video worked out, yay.

I was a bit worried before class that the slideshows would be a hassle, as I was having a hard time loading four different files or URLs without wasting a lot of time, but using a combination of and application sharing, it worked like a charm. My feeling about the tool in general is that Collaborate is worthy of adoption by UA so that more faculty could utilize it in classes.

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