Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just came in from weed whacking (it so needed it) and picking tomatoes. I've managed to get coverage for two of my three on campus classes next week, and I am waiting to confirm the third. The online class is pretty much on auto-pilot, provided I get it ready by Friday (which I would have to do anyway). So my schedule is clear for going to Samsonville and Boston. Feeling very optimistic (and occasionally, panicky).

On Monday, our catechism class starts. Turns out it will be a combined grades 3 & 4 class. The following week we have the Columbus Day holiday, which is good, as I anticipate coming back to Castleton from Samsonville on that day.

Last night we attended a class called the Spiritual Journal at the church. It was great! We wrote three posts, and if we wanted to, read them aloud and / or discussed the process. I chose to read one of mine. The prompt was write about something you did today:

September 24, 2012. Today I wrote in my "other" journal - the one I have been keeping since March 1, 2002. Today's entry was just a photo of the fruits of my garden, as it winds down into early fall. Some tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and one pitiful zucchini that I am so proud of. Reason being I never have any luck with zucchini in my Castleton garden, even though most other veggies thrive. I also revised yesterday's post, which was a long one. I have to revise long posts because for the past ten years I have written publicly, and that means the internal censor kicks in. There are some things I cannot write about in my public journal. That one has more rules than privately writing on paper. There are pluses and minuses to this - some creativity and venting gets lost, but on the other hand, it doesn't have to be burned afterwards, as a paper journal may have to be. Wow, writing with a pen is tiring!! 

Recently, I noticed in referrer logs that I get often get visits from people searching for two things:

1) Mass times at St. Augustine's in West Shokan. So, if you land here searching for that information, Sunday Mass it at 9:30 AM and holy days are 5:30 PM.

2) Whether the Carol Burnett show is on roku. If that's why you are here, the answer is I have not found any full episodes. However, if you download playon.tv, you can search and watch youtube, and there are many clips of all favorite skits, in fact to watch them all it would take hours or days.

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