Saturday, November 26, 2011

The baptism is in a couple of hours, and I (as usual) am procrastinating on getting ready. When we arrived here Thursday, the wireless was down -- which means no phone, no roku, no cell. I was in a panic -- but the clocks were not blinking, so how could we have had a power surge or a lightening strike? Also puzzling, the wired connections were working fine. When we got home from the fabulous 18 person dinner at my sister's, I hooked up my old router, restored everything, and planned to package up the broken router to send back for repair or replacement, since it is on warranty. It is very frustrating, this constant frying. I have done this drill so many times.

Yesterday I set aside some time for contacting netgear to get the return authorization. I got my glasses, since I can't see all the tiny numbers on the back of the router, and as I was examining it I noticed an illustration of the various ports, internet connection, A/C adapter plug...and wireless on/off switch. Duh.

So today I swapped the routers again, and we are back in business.

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