Monday, March 28, 2011

I saw this link on the homepage of the TU and wondered what perspective it would take, and also whether it would mention this opposing view. Well, the answer is, "big fan," and "no." I wonder whose viewpoint is more worthy on this subject, the arts and entertainment editor, or the executive director of the humane society?

Poor Vesta. Why can't she sleep wherever she wants?

I think if you have ever had the experience of a heavy heart, while stroking your beloved elderly pet and begging him or her to eat just a little more, you would feel nothing but joy when your enthusiastic, happy dog or cat eagerly takes his or her bowl.

"In his live show, however, he takes that criticism further by indicting all American culture. Growing up in Mexico, he said, he never knew about Santa Claus, but arriving in America, he saw dogs waiting in line for Santa.

“Dogs in Mexico are skinny,” he said, “but they don’t have psychological problems.”
What an unbelievably offensive remark!

First, mentioning malnourished dogs as a throw away remark is acceptable, as if it was of no importance compared to dogs who are taken for a picture with Santa? What was his take on a couple of other things that are more common in Mexico - say, stray dogs? Or homeless litters of puppies? But oh my, the horror of a dog who barks at visitors when they arrive! Why isn't "it" chained to a coop and cowering in fear as you approach with "its" daily ration of kibble?

And just so you don't think I am only about snoozing on couches and squeaky toys and wagging tails, I consider barking to alert me about things to be part of a dog's job.

Second, I'd say he's done pretty well by American culture, wouldn't you? Despite having no credentials, he is on a television show where he is paid wheelbarrows of money for lecturing people about how to exercise a power trip over their dog, and I am thrilled every time mine greet me when I arrive home from work. In fact, to maximize excitement, I say "I'm home! I'm home!" while calling out their names as I unlock the door. Who is the more egregious example of disgusting American culture - me or the celebrity?

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