Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back here I linked to a post with lots of nice pictures, and Empire Plaza was called an "atrocity."

I thought I'd share what it looks like from inside the "atrocity." Here are some pictures Bob took with his blackberry from his new office. He moved from Troy to Corning Tower in Empire Plaza yesterday. The best part is that it cut his commute from more than a half hour to 15 minutes, but he is absolutely loving the view.

Looking toward I-787, Rensselaer and the Hudson River

Looking toward the Plaza, the Capitol and the Egg

A corner office ~ way to go Bob!


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh, albany and the tower. i did an internship up there ... i loved it, like working in the middle of the sky :) and if your hubby got a corner office he must be hott stuff - that's premium real estate in albany :)

howzerdo said...

His program is high profile. But the best part: he got an inside parking space! Usually that takes 40 years of service :-)