Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Time Warner came and we are hooked up! My mother reports that the technician said the machine is old and so the broadband is slower than it could be. I knew that. I may upgrade there eventually, but first I have to get wireless up and running in both houses. I ordered all the necessary components from Staples and this weekend I'll give it a try in Samsonville. I will probably do Castleton on Friday, if I have time.

Last week I was (attempting) to show a DVD to class. There were numerous technical snafus and so I had to call AV Services. While the technician was working on the problem, he said that they often find that people change the settings on the TVs, VCRs and DVD players and screw them up. Last year, I heard the same thing about the smart rooms - that people unplug the computers and projection equipment so they can't be used easily by the next instructor. The AV guy speculated that it is Luddite instructors (he didn't use the word Luddite though) although I think it could also be disgruntled students looking to waste time and get out of class (though not for the smart rooms, since students can't access the cables). Anyway, after the AV guy left, one of the students said, "I think it is the ghost. Did you know there is a ghost in the education building?" I said I didn't, and she proceeded to tell me the story, which I later located on the Internet here. See "Albany - Education Building."

I was thinking of this today as I was coming back from the cafeteria. This building connects to the campus center at the basement level, and I take the elevator up from there. Seems I always work somewhere where there are reputed to be ghosts! (When I worked downtown at the former D&H building there were so many stories, although none are listed on the website with the School of Education ghost.) I always think, maybe I can put them to work? How do you think Jason is at grading end of semester essays?

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