Thursday, November 13, 2003

This & that: Here is the Times Union's review of the BNL concert.

I've worn the blogger sweatshirt a few times, and I think it is nice.

Then, there is this, which makes me sick (literally). The story doesn't mention this, but on last night's news, it said the driver had gotten four prior DWIs, but that because so long lapsed from the accident to the arrest, whether he was drunk this time will probably never be known.

Sure, like there can be any doubt.

But that is beside the point, really. He murdered that boy, whether he was drunk or sober or sleepy doesn't matter. And just because he used a vehicle instead of a knife or a gun or his bare hands makes no difference either. On top of that, he drove away and let that kid bleed. Bob says that someday, the bloodbaths that are our nation's roads and highways will be marveled at, in the way we look back at women not having the vote, or segregation, and shake our heads and wonder.

So often we wring our hands about some situation - say Iraq, or violence in schools, but traffic fatalities are so commonplace we hardly blink. It seems to me that people drive worse and worse all the time, and road rage increases. Yelling "F-You" or giving someone "the finger" is normal. A speeding ticket is a badge of honor. I teach on Tuesday nights, which must be the same schedule as the town court's meetings. Every semester numerous students must miss class to go to the local court because of some violation, often they report it is speeding. They aren't one bit ashamed when they tell me, they are almost proud.

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