Monday, November 17, 2003

On Saturday, we went to the Pride of New York Harvest Festival at the Desmond Americana Hotel. It was the second year we went, and it was great! Then, yesterday, I broke in my new sewing machine, and made a pair of curtains for the porch. They wouldn't win any county fair blue ribbons, but they serve the purpose.

And I am sick today. I am taking zinc since yesterday to ward off a sore throat and the beginning of a cold (I find it does mitigate symptoms, but it doesn't eradicate them completely). But then today I have been those other types of sick too, I mean "bathroom" sick. Ugh. I probably picked up something at the Desmond. There were big tables with piles of fruit and (NYS cheddar) cheese cubes in the midst of the wine and products tasting tables, and community grazing is a sure fire way to pick up some bug. Anyway, today I couldn't even keep ginger ale down, but my abdomen seems to be settling down now.

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