Thursday, April 06, 2017

I have three reactions to the ridiculous Pepsi / Kendall Jenner thing (what else to call it escapes me).
  • Two minutes is ridiculously long for a cola ad.
  • This is a faux controversy, generated for publicity by the company and the model.
  • The most irritating part: It's hawking soda! EWWW. Nobody should be drinking that crap.
OK, this is unrelated. Because of weeding my FB feed of all political posts, it is now almost exclusively nice photos and funny memes from friends, or atrocious stories about animals. Yesterday there was one about a teenager stomping a Chihuahua to death. Currently NYS is negotiating a late budget, and one of the roadblocks is "raise the age" legislation. I tend to think 16 & 17 year olds should not be prosecuted as adults, but yesterday after reading that appalling story, I thought, prosecute him as an adult, or better yet, forget the trial, and let a mob stomp him to death. (And this is coming from someone who doesn't support the death penalty.)

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