Thursday, January 14, 2016

From 12/22 to 1/8, my internet download speed was reminiscent of dial-up. Two several-hours-long tech support chats, three several-hours-long tech support phone calls, two technician visits, three new modems, new exterior wiring, new jack later...the central office took my service down for a whole day and finally fixed it (the problem was somewhere distant). I negotiated free internet service for a month. Eighteen days with 1990s-level access severely impacted not just entertainment, but bill-paying, work (& clock was ticking on new semester prep), communication, shopping. We have all become so dependent on the 'net, and so quickly (which shouldn't be surprising; the same thing happened to a prior generation with the telephone.) I'm SO grateful to have high speed internet back, I'm grateful for a free month, I'm grateful to have finally connected with an extremely competent tech guy in the central office.

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