Thursday, May 16, 2013

The most difficult aspect of designing this summer course – so far – has to be figuring out the video component. I want to record the FTF sessions, so they can be watched in real time and later. I knew I could use a webcam for this, but didn’t want to use a typical Skype camera, since I want to capture the entire class. This led to an enormous amount of phone calls and emails to a dizzying number of offices. The library has wonderful cameras, but the file has to be converted and uploaded to a server, and the office responsible has banker’s hours and a two-week turn around time. No office on campus seems to have anything more than a cheapie webcam. I was being advised to just use my laptop webcam. I found a great wide screen webcam on amazon, sigh. Late last night I was resigning myself to having to buy it, when the tech guy for the SoE told me his office would buy it! Yay! Problem solved.

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