Friday, August 24, 2012

All day I planned to post some kind of a photo essay once I put the finishing touches on my syllabi, so as I was making my morning rounds, I took a bunch of pictures. I got the syllabi finished, and the first problem was that I couldn't find the USB cable to plug my phone into the PC. That isn't a hassle for one of two photos, because I just email them to myself. But for a bunch, that is a time-consuming pain.

I threw in the towel and emailed the photos. Then as I was preparing the get started, this transformed from a wonderful day into an absolutely terrible one. I learned a dear friend of my family whom I have known since I was born was hit by a car near her driveway, and died. As usual, the Freeman is outrageous. The article says no tickets have been issued, that it was an accident. Also that she walked into on-coming traffic and the state police are unsure whether she had Alzheimer's.

The road is a dangerous one -- among the reasons I am afraid of cars, I suspect. People drive like nuts on it, and on a Friday there is heavier than usual traffic, as people come from the NYC-metro area to the Catskills for the weekend. If she was near her mailbox, the driver would have had to go into the shoulder, which is quite wide, to hit her. And I know she did not have Alzheimer's. I cannot imagine her walking into 28

I've decided to post my photo essay after all. She loved gardening, flowers especially. RIP Dolly.
 There are tomatoes everywhere
 The beans are looking good
 Cucumbers are thriving
Zucchini plant looks good, but no fruit! WHY?
This hosta bed in all its glory borders the garden
 So, yes, there are plenty of bees
Scarlet runner beans have lovely flowers (but aren't as prolific as their less showy cousins)
 In general the flowers are fabulous this year
 The lone zinnia!

 The impatiens in the dog planters is thriving, although enveloped by tomatoes
 Basil is magnificent
 Have Basil will Travel is hanging in there
 Chives are thriving
 Catnip holds its own despite daily mauling from TB/TC
 I consider every year whether I can somehow bring the herb pot inside for the winter
I love this vinca vine
 Little Shop of Horrors has almost completely recovered!

It's a good thing we live life not knowing what's up ahead.

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