Monday, December 14, 2009

I wanted to write something about Christmas last night when I posted the picture of the tree, but it was late so I decided it would keep. It still should be keeping (the clock is not quite ticking on end of semester grades, but it will be soon enough). But I can't resist. A couple of unexpected tasks surfaced today anyway, so I decided to take care of them and get back to grades tomorrow.

I remember my mother telling me that Aunt Dot calls her Christmas ornament box her "box of memories." On Saturday it struck me that mine is too. With the smaller tree I could really enjoy selecting each one and reflecting on how long we've had it and where it came from. The angel my mother made, the basket my sister made, the downtown Albany collectible series, the handmade ones for each animal, from the Empire Plaza craft fairs. The three Avon ornaments, the mice Santas that I've had since childhood and were a gift from Aunt Dot, the needlepoint Santa that Davine made.

We haven't decorated in Samsonville yet, and won't until we go there for Christmas. But I know there is another box of treasures waiting for me.

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