Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bob's surgery went fine and he came home a week ago. Still a long road ahead, but I am cautiously optimistic. He's doing well, which is what we expected after the first surgery. The day of surgery was both a nail-biter and unpleasant (for him of course, but for me too) and on the Friday after surgery I would up filing a complaint with the patient relations office at the hospital for reasons I won't elaborate. This really made them snap to attention, I got several apologies (which mean jack, about apologies I feel this way: don't screw up in the first place and there will be no need for them later) and they gave him a private room (or rather, they didn't put another patient in his semi-private room).

We are now in a heat wave, the first of summer. So, I may yet get some produce out of the sad excuse for a garden. In S'ville, we are missing haying...and the pool. Sigh. It's too hot to work on my Fall class materials, so I am spending my time sitting in front of a fan during the day. Late at night is when I do laundry, etc. In the morning, I check my email.

Sophie either passed the pit without me knowing, threw it up, digested it, or it is still in there somewhere. But no matter which, she seems fine.

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