Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recently, I watched My Dinner with Andre, a suggestion from the author of a blog who always gives great movie recommendations. Both Bob and I found it thought-provoking, and something we wouldn't mind watching again, so I ordered it from Amazon (I originally got it from Netflix). I took some notes on the discussion Bob and I had afterwards, emailed them to the blogger - and here is her post. (Is this my fifteen seconds of fame? Or maybe that was when my skirt fell down years ago in a department store?)

Something that I forgot to write on my list of discussion items was that we noted Wally's infatuation with his electric blanket, and Andre's lamenting that technology cuts us off from nature. Today, electric blankets are almost a thing of the past (comfortable as they may be, they are just too scary health-wise). Then, we have no air conditioning this summer, because Bob can't lift the units, and with the cool and rainy weather we haven't felt the need to have someone else come over and help us put them in the windows. We didn't have A/C for years, until finally we snapped in a heat wave and got one. That was followed by another, and another, until all three levels of our house had one. We eventually got one for Samsonville too. They ran nonstop all summer. There is something good about being connected to the weather (although if August is 90 and humid, I may relent).

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