Sunday, January 20, 2008

I think I am basically ready for the semester. Oh, there's a lot left to do, but it doesn't have to be finished by Thursday, which is the first day of classes for me. There are many things I like about Blackboard, but there are just as many things I can't stand, chiefly that I have to work directly on the Internet. (I know I mentioned that before, but I can't say it enough.) Also, the process of uploading audio files is awful. In fact, I cannot do it - I had to get my own site and upload, I was not able to do it to the university's server. So it is great to talk about all the wonderful features and exciting possibilities - but the reality is a lot less satisfactory. I should know better, and not get sucked in. It wastes a lot of time, being an early adopter.

I spent most of today trying to repair my mother's computer. I am not having much luck yet. Actually, I have not even got to the point where I can say that - it is taking me hours to download the necessary files so that I can burn a recovery disk. The lesson here: Be sure to make one when your computer is new, or at least working fine. (Will I take my own advice? No, of course not.) Bob went to Florida for a few days, just in time to miss the very cold weekend. Brrr!

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