Friday, January 27, 2006

The first week of classes went well. My Thursday class is too big (43 students), but I had a hard time saying no to students who asked to get in after it had closed. It is a lower-division, 100-level course, and last semester it was mostly freshmen. This semester, there are only a handful of freshmen, and about an equal number of seniors, who had to get special approval to take it.

My day class was quite active in discussion yesterday. That was great! I hope they stay this engaged all semester.

The dogs have been a real handful today. There was a lot of noise coming from the living room this morning, so I went downstairs, and Sam had gotten a shoebox with my new shoes in it. He had taken all the tissue paper out, and was running all around with my shoes in his mouth. It was cute as he-l. He didn't damage them, and has not chewed up any shoes ever - but there's always a first time. Then, this morning, Bob tried to start Sophie's shots. (She had extensive blood tests at the holistic vet and the recommendation was for us to give her injections of adrenal cortex, like we did for Rudy.) But she became vicious, as she did when we tried to cut her nails. She isn't having any of that, I guess.

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