Thursday, April 08, 2004

A few days ago, my niece went on a trip to Montreal with 4H, and on the last day, someone stole their van, with all the teens' and chaperone's luggage, etc. inside. She lost many CDs, some clothes, school notebooks, and a scarf that she was almost finished making; my mother recently taught her to knit and this was her first project. What mean, miserable person would rip off the Cornell Cooperative Extension and some kids, I wonder? It is sad for them to be taught a lesson in losing trust, on what should have been a fun experience, one of their first times traveling without family.

On a brighter note, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine in Minnesota asked me to send her a picture of a sign of Spring, as soon as I had one. Well - I've had all sorts of computer problems, a big work backlog, plus not much time to play with my camera, and Spring has been very slow in arriving. But, I have been looking. Last weekend, in Samsonville, I found a bulb coming up - but the camera wasn't handy. The season isn't quite as advanced in Castleton, but in the freezing cold temperatures of Monday, I ventured out to find something. I took a quick picture of some tiger lilies. It isn't a very nice picture, but that is all I could manage. Then, today, the weather is nicer and I saw that the lilac is starting to bud.

Now this is cheating, I'm sure there is this sign of Spring in supermarkets everywhere.

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