Monday, December 01, 2003

Busy more-than-week. I finished the education book late Wednesday-early Thursday (that means 2 a.m.) after several half-days (that means 12 hour stretches). Late Tuesday's-early Wednesday's ended at 4 a.m. I'm an owl but I'm not as up to all-nighters as in the past. But, I made my deadline. When I emailed Wednesday morning, I got an "out of office" for the holiday (until today!) message back from the editor. So I suppose I could have delayed sending it until today, but I wanted to be done with it, and I didn't want to work on it while in S'ville. (Almost managed it, I did have to revise the invoice, as I had undercharged them by $25 on the original.)

So, I have a bunch of other work that piled up in those days - a batch of essays to grade for the online class, a few letters of recommendation for graduate school for former students, and a booklet from Gully Brook Press (my operation is print-on-demand). The internet access for my university account seems to be down - so on campus duties will have to wait.

I started the work marathon with some fun - we saw Noises Off at the university on 11/22. It was great! Fun set. I am impressed with the theater department's productions. This time, the play was in the larger auditorium at the performing arts center, and that space is more comfortable than the small theater where the last performance we saw was held. Tonight, we are going to see A Christmas Carol at Proctor's.

Thanksgiving was especially nice, and over the weekend we made some progress on finishing the house. (The swimming pool guarantees no work is done in the summer.) We got a fireplace!

Here's an important link (thanks Ma) to a letter-writing campaign to Congress, from the ASPCA. You can email in support of H.R. 857, which will ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the domestic and international transport of live horses or horseflesh for human consumption.

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