Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I met the book deadline - actually I was all ready on Friday, then I checked the contract, and discovered the date to be actually Monday, 10/13. So I was done early, but then my contact asked me to hold off on sending the files until Monday because she was leaving early on Friday, and was afraid the files would fill her account and cause other messages to bounce. So this created a new problem - that day I planned to be in Samsonville, with the dial-up connection, and without the files. So, I emailed them to myself - fingers crossed, hoping they would be there, and not too too slow to transmit. All's well that ends well - it went without a hitch.

Midsemester is almost here so I am still pretty swamped. But, I realize I am really enjoying teaching this semester. Yesterday, I was so tired - Tuesdays are long and draining anyway but this was worse because the weekend knocked me out. I didn't feel prepared or at my best - and yet both classes went beautifully, maybe the best ever. The students were active participants, which was great. I guess I am a better facilitator when I am practically brain dead.

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