Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Tuesday Too

1) Have you, a friend or relative ever been without health insurance? For how long? Did you/they suffer any consequences?

Yes, I have been without health insurance, years ago, for months at a time, here and there. Almost everyone I know has been in that situation at one time or another, usually during their 20s when they were working in marginal jobs of some sort. But no, I didn't suffer any really terrible consequences (aside from a couple of dunning notices for emergency room visits and a somewhat uncomfortable teeth cleaning episode when I finally got dental insurance), and don't know anyone who has. It is an important issue, though, and the related biggie, the general cost of health care, is as well. (Bob's career is in health policy and this is the subject of many dinner time conversations.)

2.) Tell us what's really "under your bed"?

Ha! Well, I have a few beds. The common element is dust. Under my old iron and brass bed, which is quite high, are several old blankets and pillows, an old rug, and most significantly, a tri-color beagle/collie. It serves as Rudy's "den;" it's a place where he goes when he wants to get away from the other animals, or the humans, or it is late and he knows better than foolish humans who are still up watching Jay Leno. When was a puppy, there were boxes of papers from college stored under there. We noticed he would slink out from under there all the time. So we checked, and he had torn up some of the papers into a sort of nest, and he would sleep there, or go in there and chew on a rawhide, or pretend to dig and hide his toys in the mess. Finally we gave in, moved the boxes, and made a private space for him. Every so often, it has to be cleaned out (he is always mad at us for a day or so when we do this), and we discover all sorts of treasures he has tucked away, including missing socks and underwear, empty cookie boxes and various other pieces of food-related trash, and many long-forgotten plush squeaky toys.

3.) What's the message in your fortune cookie?

I don't like fortune cookies! Not the paper really but the cookie itself. But how about instead of thinking something up, because even the real fortunes that are (repetitiously) in there escape me right now - here's this: I remember a boss from years ago telling me to get a funny result, add "between the sheets" at the end of the always (kind of) makes sense! I have found that it does. Try it!

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