Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I do my own taxes -- with pencil and paper, no software. It's a math activity that I like enough to not feel the need to pay for. But overall, I hate the task. I can't stand seeing how much we pay, and sometimes have to pay. It isn't that I want to shirk paying my fair share. I'd never cheat to try to get money back or avoid paying. But seriously? I also cannot stand the convoluted paperwork. Really? I'm 100% a public sector person, have great respect for civil servants, but are you kidding me? I can just imagine the ridiculous process that produces these absurd calculations.

What hurt this year was that I'd planned Friday as "the day" but then I was too sick to even attempt getting started. So it waited until yesterday. I still didn't feel great, but I had no choice. I finished at 2:45 AM, and the mailman took the envelopes away at 9:45. Yay.

I can't really write this on fb as I have a few "friends" who are "on the system" types who also are fb bullies. It gives me no pleasure to contemplate that my $ goes into their pockets -- they are perfectly competent, even privileged people who are lazy or crazy or both, and just feel entitled to take. Anything I wrote would be interpreted as if I was either a militia type or a 1%-er. Then, I don't want to empower the other extreme, the sprinkling of anti-government types among my "friends" who would perceive me as a kindred spirit! LOL. There's a lot more nuance possible here at GBP.

The other distasteful thing about the annual task is that it takes time away from my to do list -- and the clock is ticking on end of semester.

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