Friday, July 23, 2021

 I am writing today primarily to vent. I'm teaching a six week summer session undergraduate class right now and the contrast between this same class in the spring, when it was outstanding, to this summer is, when it is appalling...astounds me. Are they stressed out? Too busy? Just don't care? They do not read assignment guidelines -- and even when I provide an OER book -- they do not read assigned material. They just do not read.

The delta variant, the increase in numbers, the relaxing of restrictions...recently I have encountered two cases of people who are un-vaccinated, out in public, not distancing, not wearing a mask. I am very afraid that the loosening of mandates means that such people are out there in large numbers, spreading the virus. Like my students and reading, they do not care. History is repeating itself.


Friday, July 16, 2021

In the Capital District of NYS, the opening of the Saratoga Race Track every summer makes people go into spasms of joy. Unless it's a horse - or an animal advocate. Horse racing is cruel and barbaric, and people who support it are scum or ignorant or both. By their disgusting coverage, the media normalizes abuse and pretends it is classy. One good thing about the pandemic - being spared last year of the nonstop gushing stories.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

 I have received so many scam telephone calls today! I mean, seriously several more than the usual car warranty expiring (and yes, I did get one of those). What is going on?😠 The last one was claiming to be Spectrum selling something extra for my account and the guy couldn't even tell me my zip code.

Friday, July 02, 2021

Messaging is that things are returning to normal -- whatever that is now -- and indeed our numbers are good, but I am apprehensive. Only semi-related, I have not been consuming news as I have explained in past entries, but Bob often wants to watch at least the weather. Last night I agreed, and the program opened with 1) how local police chiefs retiring makes it hard for the community to trust them 2) that his approval rating is high but still the governor sucks and 3) a woman tried to decapitate her dog. I yelled turn it off! Why did I say yes to watching? So he did. OMG.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

 A couple of weeks ago, my Samsonville desktop computer would not turn on. After frantically trying the usual, I managed to get to Amazon on my phone and happily learned that I only bought it 11 months ago. So I called Dell technical support and it was a great experience. I was not on hold very long, they were extremely helpful, and I learned through some miracle that it is under warranty until 2023! 

So I brought it back to Castleton, and it took two visits by two different technicians...but I am happy to report that it is fixed! I am stunned.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

 This was my Facebook post just now: Today there was a post in my Facebook feed that reminded me: June 6 is Animal Advocacy Day in NYS. (In 2021 there will be no in-person event, due to COVID-19.) The post was a reminder only because it made clear to me, once again, that a convicted abuser is celebrated by misguided people, and so cruelty is condoned and normalized.

It's cryptic, but here I don't have to be. The post was from my local library, about a local organization I support financially. They are partnering on a walk that starts at a building owned by a man who serv ed jail time for starving and freezing to death a dog -- he chained it to a tree. This scum landed in my community and is more than tolerated. Makes me want to puke.

See here.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

I am really happy our numbers in New York are better. I'm sure the vaccine has something to do with it, but I think the season is more influential. We're outside more. When the Fall hits and we return inside, with no masks and less distancing, what will happen? I doubt lots more people will get vaccinated. In fact, if I was a young person, I probably wouldn't take the risk of a vaccine only approved under emergency authorization. 

We went out for our anniversary on Monday. We sat outside. I wasn't expecting it to be busy, but it was insane. There was only one waitress on, and service was terrible. The food was okay, but I felt a little under the weather afterwards from drinking two glasses of wine combined with a greasy appetizer. Pre-pandemic, that much drinking was nothing, but now I rarely have alcohol. We used to love eating out; a little sad to see it be a casualty of COVID, but I think it might be. (That doesn't translate to cooking, though. Take-Out rules.)